Property Clearing

Earth has been used as battle ground, worship area, for business purposes, school/education platforms, or as a final resting place.  These events and people's intentions carry specific energies that become attached to the land and/or structures.   In time, if these energies are not balanced or cleared, they can become very chaotic and disruptive to the human energy field.  The energies of the home/land can cause imbalance in the emotional, mental and even physical wellbeing of the people interacting with the land/structure. The human energy field will become polluted with an intermingled of unbalanced energies

When was the last time you performed a detox for your home or land?

You and your family deserve an energetically balanced home.

Did you recently purchase an antique? 

Do you get frequent chills or hear strange noises?

We can help clear and balance your property of any discordant energies, provide you with a detailed report of findings and offer suggestions to avoid recurrence.

Are you ready to get a fresh start?

 You will be contacted within 24-48 hours with available dates and times after completing purchase. Please be sure to provide us with the address of the property you want cleared.

We look forward to serving you!