Energy Enhancement System

The Energy Enhancement SystemTM (EESystemTM) is an advanced technology that generates multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields, including “scalar waves” that help cellular regeneration, improve immune function, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate moods, and assist in balancing right and left hemispheres of the brain to increase energy levels.

The Energy Enhancement System has been programmed to include the following frequencies: 

The EESystem has been recognized at dozens of medical, scientific and professional conferences around the world.  Learn more about Published Studies and Research here.

The Energy Enhancement System combines Body, Mind, Spirit, and Science to help you achieve peak performance and reach higher states of health, consciousness and self-actualization.

Reserve your spot for an EES Session:

Unifyd TV Members receive 10 % off EES 2 Hr Group   Sessions. Proof of membership is required.  Discount cannot be combined.

An exchange is due at time of session, we accept credit cards, Venmo, Zelle, and Cash.

Our center 16-unit EES services can be combined with sound frequency and the energy amplified by using additional resources of multi-dimensional quantum energy.


Private Sessions:  You are the only member in the EES room/space.

Group Sessions:  You are sharing the EES room with other members (Reclining Chairs max 5, Regular Chairs max 9)

Overnight Sessions:  One person or up to three people from the same household. 

Overnight sessions are from 8 pm to 8 am the next day.  We provide a comfortable recliner or twin bed with bedding and private restroom.  Bring your water, eye mask, ear plugs, favorite blanket and pillow to make your session/s more comfortable.

Please review the overnight policy prior to your overnight session.



2 Hr EES - Private Session:  $200.00 - Add $30 per person (pp) to include sound frequency.

PRE-PAID (3 or more) 2 Hr Private Sessions:  $540.00 (10% Savings)

PRE-PAID (12) 2 Hr Private Sessions:  $2040.00 (15% Savings)


2 Hr EES - Grp Session:  $120.00 per person (pp), add $30 per person to include sound frequency.

PRE-PAID (3 or more sessions) 2 Hr Group Sessions:  $324.00 (10% Savings)

PRE-PAID (12) 2 Hr Group Sessions:  $1224.00 (15% Savings)


One Person: $720.00 (Reg) $500 for one night OR $750 for 2 consecutive night sessions for limited time.

Group Overnight Session (up to 3 people from same household):  $1,000.00

Energy Enhanced Products

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