Malena Energetics

Malena Energetics is a private wellness center founded in 2022 by Maria M. Jimenez, an alternative medicine practitioner with the vision and mission to help heal the whole individual, the community and the world. Although Maria's career as a Reiki and Akashic Records practitioner helped individuals overcome their healing obstacles, it simply was not enough to reach the masses. Understanding the root cause of many illnesses and dis-ease, she searched for a way to reach as many people as possible with the best resources available.

In 2022 Maria came across various advanced technologies that had the potential and clear scientific evidence to help the body heal itself. A new chapter began, and Malena Energetics Wellness Center was established to include more services.

Maria continue to be of service to all, to be a beacon of hope for the community, and create a space for those on the path to self-discovery and total wellness.

Malena Energetics offers in person and remote services. The center is in a San Diego Mountain community where serenity and nature welcome you. Enjoy a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere while accessing the latest advanced technologies.

The Founder

Maria Magdalena (aka Malena or Maggie) has been an alternative medicine and energy healer since 2004. Her journey into alternative medicine began when her mother was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Hepatitis in 2003. Maria was not happy with the lack of solutions offered by Western Medicine, when the only solution offered was a liver transplant. Maria began researching herbs, energy healing and other natural alternatives. She took courses in nutrition and immersed herself to understand the human body. With her mother's permission, she implemented various natural alternatives and within six months her mother had fully recovered with no need for any medication intervention or transplant. This was the start of an amazing journey filled with hope.

Maria has first-hand experience in dealing with real world challenges and is empowered to find alternative and lasting solutions.

Maria enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, gardening, dancing and spending time with family.


Human Anatomy, Fitness & Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Energy Healing, Physics, Quantum Energy, Chakras, Reincarnation, The Universal Laws, Law of One, Metallurgy, Aromatherapy, Sound , Color and Crystal Therapy, Numerology, and The Akashic Records.



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