Above and beyond kindness, very clean and comfortable environment to work on one's self. Thank you Maria, looking forward to another visit soon! 

- Michelle

In September of 2023, I did an overnight EE session with Maria. I had a very good experience because Maria made it both personalized and comfortable. Maria was very attentive to my needs and the purpose of the session. The bed that was provided was comfortable and didn't feel like an air mattress. Blankets, sheets and pillows were provided as well. I was able to fall asleep quickly even though I had been experiencing insomnia prior to the session and I was able to stay asleep for the full 12 hours, only waking up once to go to the bathroom. For my comfort, Maria opened up the windows to let in the cool and refreshing outside air. Because I am visually challenged it is difficult to navigate environments that I am unfamiliar with. However, the layout of Maria's house makes it easy to navigate and I was able to find / use the bathroom on my own without needing assistance. At the end of the 12 hour session, I woke up feeling rested and refreshed. I felt as if some healing had taken place. Maria is very easy to talk to and she makes you feel comfortable in her home. I would highly recommend trying this experience because the energy you feel from the EE system is very transformative. Thank you Maria for all that you do! - Katrina M

It is always a wonderful peaceful EESession at Malena Energetics. I highly recommend going there for healing and wellness. 

- Debbie

I absolutely loved my first session! I came away with fresh hope, and am feeling more dedicated than ever to committing to energy healing. 

- Claire

Thank you for a beautiful experience! You have such welcoming and comforting energy, along with your space. I am looking forward to going back! 

- Stephanie

My legs felt stronger, and my balance improved after using the Juvent platform. 

- G. Gomez

I am thrilled that after using the Juvent planform I notice my legs are stronger and my balance has improved significantly. I will continue to use because I really notice the difference.  I can't wait to see how much my bone health has improved when I get my next bone scan. Thank you for providing great services. 

- Nicole

I cannot believe what the Rasha Scaler Wave Technology did for me! Honestly, I didn't know what to expect, but when I was finished, I felt completely stress free, something I don't normally experience. Even people in the room said I looked different, especially through my eyes. That's because I was stress-free and at peace. I'm amazed that such a machine could do that much! I highly recommend these treatments for anyone needing help from anxiety, stress or burnout. We are told that EVERYTHING vibrates at a specific frequency. So I would say if you're stressed out, you're probably vibrating at an unnatural frequency and this machine will return you to a balanced, peaceful one. Definitely going back for more and also to see what other healing modalities Maria has... Highly recommend it! And Maria is a gentle sweet lady!! Woohoo! Five Stars! - S.M.

My experience on the Rasha was something I have never experienced before. While I was on the Rasha, I fell asleep and it was into a deep sleep. I was calm and relaxed throughout my entire session. The sound frequency had my mind feeling as if I was on some kind of phychadelic trip. When the calm frequency sounds were playing my mind saw vibrant colors, a collage of memories of things that I love would appear. I am a designer, so thoughts of visuals popped up from family, animals, sports, colors, hats, everything began to come together as a collage. By experiencing this I feel that is was helping my flow of creativity. It was a step to removing creative blocks. This experience was an amazing one and would love to continue these Rasha upgrades to see where they take me.  


Maria has been giving me and my family Reiki sessions for several years.  The Reiki sessions help me stay grounded and balanced.  I can tell the difference in my energy, and I have also noticed my mood and intuition has improved. I was having difficulty interpreting my dreams prior the Reiki sessions and with Maria's help I have more clarity and have improved the ability to interpreting my dreams.  It is always a pleasure to have a conversation with Maria, she has answers to many of my questions. I truly respect and I am so grateful Maria has helped me and my family. Thank you, much love. - Ericka

I enjoyed the warmth produced by the Red-Light Therapy.  It felt like I was laying on the beach tanning and receiving the rays from the sun.  After the 20 minutes were up, I noticed my face was brighter and complexion more balanced.  My skin was happy. I cannot wait to have more Red-Light sessions to help tighten my skin and rebuild the collagen loss due to severe acne. 

- Bianca

As soon as I laid down in the EES room it didn't take long for me to fall asleep.  My body was very relaxed the entire time. While I was sleeping, I felt energy waves swirling throughout my body which I assume is what the technology does so my body can heal.  It was a great experience, and I am definitely going to get more sessions. I know that with time I will see improvement with my back pain.  Next, I will do an overnight session. Thank you Maria. -  Marie

I am so happy I purchased a packaged deal for the Rasha upgrades. I have been looking for more alternative treatments since I experienced damaging side effects to medications in the past. After having four Rasha upgrades, my circulation and eyesight has improved and look forward to experiencing what it will help me do to improve my immune system and hopefully reverse lung damage - Nichole

Maggie provided wonderful insight about my soul through the Akashic records reading. She answered my questions and provided deeper insight about me/soul in the past and present. She also gave guidance on how to move forward in my healing journey. 

- Sierra

The information form my Akashic Record helped me identify some of my current issues and blocks. The daily reading helped me focus on clearing my obstacles and aided my belief that I had more support in the universe. 

- Karen

Wow! The first night after my RASHA upgrade I experienced vivid dreams. The more RASHA upgrades I have the better I feel. I am more focused, balanced and has helped clear knee pain I was having prior to the upgrade.  I did experience mild detox symptoms but taking the Quinton Marine Plasma recommended has helped. I was also able to release suppressed emotions and stress. This technology is amazing!  I look forward to more RASHA upgrades. 

- Maggie

Maria truly took her time in giving me an Akashic Records reading. She really cared about me and my healing, and went into great detail about blockages I have had from the past for many lifetimes. I have noticed my dreams getting better, and have followed all her protocols for clearing past karmic energy. I highly recommend working with Maria as she cares deeply for her clients and is passionate about what she does! - Megan Faver

I recently experienced the Rasha @ Malena Energetics. During the upgrade I was able to reach a state of relaxation, my body was asleep, but I was aware and had a clear mind. Then sometime during the session I must have reached a deeper relaxation because I remember feeling as if my consciousness was falling back into my skin as the session ended; I was clear minded and focused. - Andew

Thank you Maggie for your insight and clarity with my Akashic Record reading. I have known a little about what they are but have never had a reading done on my life path and purpose. You were so amazingly accurate with the findings of certain blocks in both my present and past life. I really had no idea what to expect and I feel a deep sense of knowing and peace with the knowledge you brought forward. As a healer myself, I know how important it is to receive the helpful guidance in our life's journey, you have definitely supported my journey with your reading. I would highly recommend this process to any client, friend or family member in the future as it will bring you an awareness and balance to move forward with your path purpose. Thank you again for your professional and loving guidance. I will look forward to checking back in again to seek the additional clarity. Love and Light,  - Becky Cortese

Akashic Records: Insightful information, right on target about lifetimes and dreams that I recall. With Maria's help on past traumas, fears and unresolved issues, I am ready to move on to a better life experience! Thanks Maria. 

- Martin Montoya

 Wow! Thank you! You don't know how much it means to me for me to read that.  I finally feel like I'm heading in the right direction.  - Alex

Since I had the Reiki session I'm felling so relaxed, with more energy and my health has improved. Thank you!!!  -Brenda

I received Reiki sessions from Maria to help with the healing of a foot injury.  She is always professional and very compassionate.  My nurse has noticed that I am healing faster than usual, and I thank Maria for helping me with that. Lately I have noticed that every time I get a Reiki session, I have very vivid dreams and visions of what I believe are my past lives.  I guess that's an added bonus. Thank you Maria - Larry

Akashic Records: I want to thank Maria for my soul reading. It touched on many issues and perspectives in my life. It was truth I looked for and found it with her help. I found it to be in line and in tune with my thoughts and reassured me of my path. It raised me to a closer relationship with myself and Divine Love. I received many blessings from this experience. It nurtured me into a wider path of spirit and soul and for this I am grateful. It resonated deeply.  Hugs of Light and Love,  - Heidi Wallace

Akashic Records: The reading allowed me to connect all the pieces that I had gathered, as if it was a puzzle that I was putting together. A puzzle of me. It brought clarity and allowed me to make sense of my journey. It gave me the clarity to move forward and unlock me from where I had been stuck. It provided me with reassurance of things that I knew but could not fully understand. As of the Akashic Reading I am one step closer to evolving into the being which I have always been but was not consciously aware of. I have a much greater and deeper understanding of my self and more importantly I have obtain an attunement with my soul. From the bottom of my heart and soul, I want to thank you!!! Receive from me a wave of energy and connection. Namaste!!! -Cynthia

 Akashic Records: My experience with Maria was awesome. She was right on point. Very detailed and explained everything thoroughly. I was able to understand current life patterns that do not serve me and am now working on them with the help of Maria as well. - Johanna

Had my first Reiki experience to help with stress from work and family life. I usually prefer massages but was open to this experience. It was great. Maria walked me through what to expect. She is very passionate about her practice and is very informative. I look forward to my next appointment. I also plan to look into the essential oils. Thanks Maria!! - L.G.