The Juvent

Juvent Micro-Impact Platform

The Juvent 1000 is based on technology used by the NASA Space Station to assist astronauts to build bone in a zero gravity situation.

Juvent is a platform that delivers micro frequencies to the skeletal, circulatory and lymphatic system. These gentle micro impacts of energy encourages and supports the body's ability to begin repairing its bone structure.


Studies have shown that a one-year treatment of low-level, high frequency vertical vibrations can prohibit bone loss in the hip and spine. The study was conducted on a group of women who were three to eight years post menopause.


(2) 10 Minute Sessions for a total of 20 min.

Stand alone service - (2) 10 minute sessions for $50


Add to any service on the same day and save 20%! - Pay only $40

Save by investing in a Pre-Paid Package

4 Sessions - $180

12 Sessions - $480