The RASHA is powerful co-creative scalar plasma and sound energy advanced technology that communicates directly with the DNA to achieve Consciousness-Coherence. 

The RASHA facilitates a person's ability to alleviate distortions within their DNA and mental, emotional, physical and energetic structure. 

The RASHA is an authentic quantum-access technology designed to assist the biological, human organism to achieve stress release and relaxation, in order to reclaim its ability to self-heal. 

"Sound is a tool for transformation" - The Pleiadeans

RASHA Benefits

RASHA Experience

“If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.“

– Nikola Tesla.

Dr. Kami and Michael Jaco discuss The Rasha Technology & Benefits.

Single RASHA Upgrade

60 minute - $240

90 minute - $300

Add a second person to your 60 minute upgrade on the same day for only $100 more or $130 for 90 minutes.

Pre-paid RASHA Upgrade Packages

(6)  60-minute upgrades - $1,080 (25% savings)

(12) 60 minutes upgrades - $ 1,800 (35% savings)

Payments Accepted: Credit Cards, Venmo, Zelle, and Cash

Payment due at time of services

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Detox Considerations

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Who can have a RASHA upgrade?

There are no consumer restrictions when utilizing the RASHA Consciousness-Coherence Technology as it uses information all organisms are innately familiar and compatible with (Higher-Dimensional (Base-12) Frequency and Scalar Energy).  The RASHA is available for:  Children, Animals, Plants and Older audiences (it will promote peace and tranquility on the eternal level during the transition period)

How many Rasha Upgrades are recommended?

The needs of the individual vary, some are more sensitive to energy than others.

We have the following suggestions