Cosmic Guidance

The purpose of a guidance session is to help you achieve a higher level of consciousness, balance karma, and dissolve limiting beliefs and programing. We provide a unique perspective to your human experience and facilitate the healing process.  Our intention is to bridge your connection to Higher Knowing, your Divine Self and Sacred Oneness.  

Balance Karma

Higher Knowledge

Heavenly Perspectives

"The time is now to awaken to your true nature and origin, remember lessons learned, embrace ancient knowledge, teachings, and be the new being of the future." 

- Maria Magdalena

Guidance sessions are conducted in person, by phone or zoom.


Personal Sessions: 60 Minutes - $240 or 90 Minutes - $300


Review of Mind, Body, Emotional, and Spirit energy bodies

Review of Karmic Cycles and Programing

Provide Guidance and New Perspectives

Q & A

Maria Magdalena

 Cosmic Guide, Healer & Teacher

Maria Magdalena is a cosmic guide and teacher. Her past life experiences as a Healer, Mystery School Teacher, Oracle and High Priestess are helping to shape the next chapter of her human experience and those who search for truth, wisdom and desire to expand their level of awareness and consciousness.

In 2023, Maria received higher guidance regarding her purpose and what that meant for the people of Earth. Her assignment involved translating cosmic higher knowing information and provide a new perspective in a way that would transcend borders and reach all who search to embody a higher state of consciousness.  She was to facilitate and be the rainbow bridge for those on the path to enlightenment and spiritual evolution.

The timeline of events provided illustrates how Maria's guidance system, intuition and various resources helped her remember who she is and serves to validate her knowing. 

We are all part of the greater whole and yet we all have a very unique Energetic Signature and Soul Blueprint.  This makes every single creation and co-creator special, equally valued and loved.  We are serving a purpose and contributing to the collective whole.


2004:  Maria is guided to receive Reiki Practitioner attunement and Fitness and Nutrition Certification.  Maria helps her mother recover from autoimmune hepatitis. She spends the next 10 years researching, studying, and practicing Reiki on family and friends.

2013:  Maria is guided to attend a spiritual trip to Peru.  There, she remembers her Shamanic past life experiences, connects with ancestral lineage, participates in shamanic ceremonies, connects with Oracle timeline and receives spiritual guidance. 

2014:  Maria is guided to expand her Reiki training and receives the Reiki Master-Teacher attunement.  Feb 2014, Maria visits and connects with the energy of Sedona Arizona and Mexican Mayan culture.

2015:  Maria is guided to receive Akashic Records Certification and expands her holistic practice (UniverSoul Connection). Feb. 2015 Maria has a QHHT session by Jewel Leonard (Conscious Knowing). During the session she visited a past life with her role as Ancient Knowledge Teacher, she visits a Sacred Temple (Isis) and sits with the Masters.  Receives higher guidance in dreams and visions. 

2016:  Maria is guided to receive a Spirit Guide reading from Christine & Tatiana Gilmore (Namaste Spiritual Healing).

Brief Summary:

2019:  Maria is guided to receive a Natal Chart Consultation from Jenny Burak (Astrology for Ascencion). 

Brief Summary: 

July 2020:  Maria is guided to receive an Illustration and Information from Artist and Visionary Christine Dennett (Kesara). 

Brief Summary:

June 2023:  Maria is guided to have a QHHT by Anthony Camacho (

Brief Summary:  Went to a past life and connected with deceased husband and witness the role exchange we all take part in. Next, connected with The Masters and Mystery School Teachers.  Message:  Continue to communicate with others, you speak from the heart.  The Peru experience reminded you of your past roles and abilities. You know who you are.

Dec 2023:  Maria receives an Aura reading from Psychic-Medium. 

Summary: Archangel Michael is supporting you. You are here to help people because you are intuitive, you are open to receive guidance and are spiritually connected. You teach and give people what they need. You speak from the heart.  Dec 2023, Astrology Chart reading from Astrologer, Tania Solis at Sol in Astrology. Summary: You are very good at communicating with others. Very intuitive and balanced with the Male and Female energies.

2024:  Maria is guided to connect to the Akashic Records via Amanda Romania (AtlantisSedona)

Brief Summary: